RFQ and Price Proposal for Operation, Maintenance and Distribution System for MCRWASA

Request for Qualifications and
Price Proposal for the
Operation, Maintenance and Management
of the
Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System
Williamston, NC
August 25, 2020

The Martin County Regional Water & Sewer Authority (hereinafter known as “Authority”), online at, is requesting Statements of Qualifications/Price Proposals (RFQ/PP) from respondents capable of entering into a public-private “partnership” agreement to provide operation, maintenance and management services for the Authority’s Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System. The Authority is interested in maximizing benefits for its citizens from this effort and views the intended relationship as a partnering venture in which issues are quickly and fairly resolved to the mutual benefit of the Authority and its partner. The Authority reserves the right to select the private vendor. The Authority and the successful respondent may enter into a mutually binding operation, maintenance and management agreement addressing the topics contained in this document. The Authority reserves the right to expand the scope of services to include additional responsibilities.
It is understood that the information contained in the RFQ/PP and the experience, guarantees and innovative approaches demonstrated therein shall be the general basis for selection of a respondent to provide these professional services. The Authority expects to select the highest scoring respondent based on a structured point scoring evaluation. The scoring evaluation (Section IX) shall consider each respondent's ability to perform the required services, experience and technical expertise, ability to make financial and technical guarantees, corporate resources and depth, and innovative approaches. The Authority may reject any or all of the bidders who are determined as non-responsive and in the consideration of the quality of past performance on other projects. The Authority will immediately begin negotiations with the selected respondent. Should the negotiations fail to result in an executed agreement, the Authority may elect to terminate negotiations with the first-ranked respondent and begin negotiations with the second-ranked respondent, and so on, or cancel the process.

For more detailed information, click here for the RFQ.