Mayor Whichard-Brown recinds the State of Emergency as of tomorrow, Saturday, September 15th at 6 am.  


Declaration of a State of Emergency

 in the Town of Williamston, NC

Pursuant to Chapter 37 of the Code of Ordinance of the Town of Williamston and as a result of the conditions precipitated by Hurricane Florence, a State of Emergency as defined in Chapter 37, Section 37.01 of the Town Code exists.


 1.       I, therefore, proclaim the existence of a State of Emergency in the Town of Williamston.

 2.  There shall be no sale, consumption, transportation or possession of beer, wine, or intoxicating beverage in the Town during the State of Emergency, except possession or consumption is allowed on a person’s own premises, beginning at 7am on 9/13/18 and ending at 7:00 am on 9/16/18.

3.      No firearms, ammunition, explosives or dangerous weapons shall be sold or purchased during the State of Emergency nor possessed off of one’s own premises, beginning at 7am on 9/13/18 and ending at 7:00 am on 9/16/18.

4.            There shall be no loitering or gatherings upon the public streets and roadways or upon any other public property except by those in search of medical assistance, food or other commodity or service necessary to sustain the well-being of themselves or their families, or some member thereof during the hours of 8:00 pm to 6:00 am beginning on 9/13/18 and ending on 9/16/18 at 6am.  This provision shall not apply to law enforcement officers, firemen, and other public employees, doctors, nurses, and hospital and other medical employees, to public utility employees and newspaper, magazine, radio and television broadcasting employees and such other persons who may be essential to the preservation of public order and immediately necessary to serve the safety, health, and welfare needs of the people within the Town.

5.             This declaration shall become effective immediately. Declared this the 11th day of September 2018 at 12 o’clock pm.



Before using any third party payment method, it is important to know the status of your Town of Williamston Water/Sewer account. If your account is past due, if there is a pending disconnect notice, or if you have a payment arrangement date to meet we suggest that you not use these services. Using services like Doxo, Prism, MoneyGram and PayNearMe can result in Town of Williamston Water/Sewer late fees and service interruptions because they delay the payment processing time. 

If you must use your credit card to make a payment, please use the Point and Pay web portal by clicking here.

A Little About Our Town 

Williamston (pop. 5,522) is located in rural northeastern North Carolina on the banks of the Roanoke River. The early settlement prospered since Williamston, incorporated in 1779, was located on a navigable river and ultimately became the seat of county government. As time passed, Williamston became a hub of commercial activity in northeastern North Carolina. 

The economy evolved to become dependent upon agriculture, wood products, limited manufacturing, and a commercial center for the region. Eventually the railroad was built, which took away much of the trade that had been assigned to the riverboats. Even though the river isn't used as much commercially as it once was, it still serves the community as a source of food and recreation. 

Williamston is a beautiful small town that seeks to preserve its culture and heritage. Its responsible citizenry and progressive leadership have positioned the town to take advantage of the changes being brought by a global economy. The town has an active downtown development association working to preserve the character of downtown, while at the same time positioning itself to serve the participants at the Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center and other groups such as retirees or outdoor enthusiasts. 

Williamston is the first city in North Carolina to be certified as an Audubon Sustainable Community. The Audubon Sustainable Community program is founded in the three pillars of sustainability - a healthy local environment, quality of life for citizens, and economic vitality. You will find on your visit here, Williamston has a friendly, welcoming spirit filled with southern charm and an "easy living" attitude.

In a review by Millennial Personal Finance of 5,000 towns and cities in America, Williamston is ranked as one of the "Best Cities for Outdoor Lovers."

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NCMS Final

Public Input Sought for Proposed US 17 Widening Project

Public Input Sought for Proposed US 17 Widening Project

Temporary Adjustment to Chlorine Disinfectant in Water Treatment Process

Temporary Adjustment to Chlorine Disinfectant in Water Treatment Process 

Water Main Flushing Schedule - Third Phase

The flushing of the water main in Williamston will begin on Monday, June 25, 2018.